RiTech RIEM 3 Plus hands-on Review

Ritech RIEM3 plus VR

A budget headset with V2 conductive button

Looks like just another Chinese Virtual Reality headset for your mobile phone.

Well.. it is...
So why should I review another one I hear you asking?

RiTech 3 Plus

RiTech RIEM is not a new comer to the market. They have been selling budget VR headset since the beginning.

It's not the looks that stand out, but there are two things that do stand out:

Price and V2 conductive button

Apart from the 10,99 and free shipping this headset has a V2 conductive button that works on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus models. As a big fan of the V2 button this makes me want to write about this headset.

It's made from a shiny plastic, almost pearl, material.

Ritech RIEM3 plus headset

Ritech RIEM3 plus VR Headset


The lenses are not great. But they are fine for a budget headset. With IPD this will fit most users need. It it not adjustable in distance to the phone itself though.

Ritech RIEM3 plus iPhone


Compatible with both the iPhone 6(s) and iPhone 6(s) Plus models I do recommend you use this headset with the iPhone 6 Plus. The FOV is much better.

The V2 Google Cardboard button that lives on the bottom of the VR Headset and centered is not perfect. Actually it is one of the worst places. But it is a V2 button and it enables you to play most (WWGC) VR Games.

RiTech-3-Plus-05Ritech RIEM3 plus


RiTech RIEM3 Plus comes in a simple cardboard box with the brand logo and a few Chinese characters.

Inside you'll find the RiTech VR headset, a Chinese + English instruction manual and a cleaning tissue.
What more can one expect for such a low price!

Ritech RIEM3 plus unboxing

Ritech RIEM3 plus

Overall the value for money is great and it is not a bad Virtual headset for starters.

Country of origin: China

Price: 10,99$

Website: BestGear

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