Weekly VR Game Update – Mega Update!

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New Virtual Reality games for your mobile phone are hitting the iTunes AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

This week (22) we have a special edition of our VR Game Update. Developers have launched much more games than usual!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

VR Zombie City 3D - 0,99

VR zombie City 3D iOS

Your mission is to kill all the zombies in the city with your VR Cardboard 3D device. The atmosphere of the city is dark and quirky. The ambient music is restless too. Zombies can come from all sides. So, you will need to look around carefully.

VR Army Shooter Training - 1,99

Shooting Sharp Sniper

Bottle shoot is about shooting as many bottles as you can in limited amount of time. If you can do both you will become a real Bottle Shoot Master! If you like fun and addictive games – Bottle Shoot is for you! Just aim and shoot!

VR Drive In Car On Highway Pro - 0,99

vr drive in car on highway

The newest vr drive in Car on highway Racing takes you out to be on a field trip. Brand-new scenes and fancier environment make your driving experience rewarding! A real car drive experience and near to life. It will make your move thrilling.

X Termite Nation VR - 2,99

x termite nation vr

X termite Nation is compatible with a variety of bluetooth controls (Is needed to play). Use your Virtual Reality Headset to get a complete experience Termite Clans are about to begin a battle for the last eucalyptus tree.

VR Stick-man Cave Runner Pro - 0,99

vr stick man cave runner pro

It’s time to some VR fun: Fun with something new something different. So play some divergent Get some real Vr game. Divergent and real is only one and it is here for you Vr Stickman Cave Runner. Vr Stickman Cave Runner is Addictive hurdle running game develop on basic parkour rules and practice.

VR Horse Race Run & Jump - 1,99

3D Horse Jumping

VR Horse run race and jump is the most authentic racing simulation game. Have you craze of horse riding ? Accept the challenge and try to win the horse race. Challenge yourself and see how much you can win!

VR Neon Pipe Death Route - free

VR Neon Pipe : Death Route for Google Cardboard

This impossible endless arcade game “cardboard neon Pipe 3D” puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The VR Neon Pipe: Death Route 3D for Cardboard game gives ultimate 3D VR experiences.

VR Archery for Google Cardboard - free

vr archery for Google Cardboard

This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. Practice archery in this virtual reality video game for mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard. Features: -Stereoscopic virtual reality rendering and headtracking for mobile VR -Endless target practice gameplay

Homido Mini
Need a portable budget VR Headset to play these VR Games wherever you are? Homido Mini!

VR Soccer Juggling for Google Cardboard - free

vr soccer juggling for Google Cardboard

This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. How many times can you juggle a soccer ball in virtual reality? Features: -Stereoscopic virtual reality 3D rendering and headtracking for mobile VR -Easy to learn, hard to master -Endless gameplay

VR Mars Escape 3D Cardboard - 0,99

vr mars escape 3d iOS

VR Mars Escape 3D Cardboard game enables you to discover how to walk on the Mars, plus complete a rocket launch mission while you escape from the Martian aliens. The virtual reality graphics are beautiful. Walk nearby the craters, explore the rocky & soil terrain, feel the redness of the Mars.

VR Buggy Demolition Smash 3D - 1,99

VR Buggy Demolition Smash iOS

Drive furiously and knock your opponents of great heights to win the battle. crash and smash. demolish everything that's in the way. Accept the challenge,how long can you survive the competition? Hit hard, smash, drag, and push your opponents off the roof to win the battle.

Call of Delta 2 VR - 1,99

Call of Delta 2 VR Game

Wear 3D VR Glasses and start your mission as a silent assassin, a ghost who is never seen by the public or its target. You move from shadow to shadow until you strike with deadly force. You have entered a world in which spies operate under the radar, moving to locations around the world

Roller Coaster Baloon Blash VR - 1,99

Roller Coaster Baloon Blast VR

After our extraordinary and fabulous booming game at Jolta technology apps! Crazy roller coaster! We are delighted to instigate Roller Coaster Balloon Blast. If you were probing for an insanity! Breathtaking yet attention-grabbing roller coaster game adventure!

Alice Running VR Edition - free

Alice Running VR Edition

Now you can jump into VR world with Alice. Explore all around the Wonderworld. To find out the best path to get all cakes. There are 3 modes in this game: 1. Using Cardboard with controller 2. Play with controller 3.

VR Monster Car Tyre Racing Pro - 0,99

VR Monster Car Tyre Racing Pro iOS

Do something different Play Some New. Leave all old kind Simulation Play something epic run Some New Racing game. Get monster car Tyre racing and explore the world with adventure. A totally new idea in simulation to remind you some old memories.

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  1. Petter Hornfeldt 05/06/2016 @ 17:54

    I have recently released a VR mobile application called “Mentour 360“.
    It lets you take part of the flight crew inside the cockpit of a Boeing 737.
    I am a training captain and in the application I am instructing my first officer AND the user.
    It’s really cool and I would love if you guys could review it.
    It averages 5 stars on all appstores at the moment but we need more exposure.
    Thank you for your time!
    Click here to download Mentour 360


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