Ostron VR Headset with Stick based controller

Ostron, an Indian company that focuses ont Virtual Reality and sells VR cardboards (V1), is launching a plastic VR headset with a Stick controller.



VR Headset

The Ostron VR Headset will support smartphones with screen sizes up to 6 inches and will be compatible with both iOS and Android. Lens size will be 42mm and they can be adjusted to focus to your needs. As the back of your iPhone is not covered this headset supports AR and mixed reality Apps and games.


The O-Stick

The Stick is a controller. We have to wait until launch to know how it works exactly and if it is fully compatible with iOS be Ostron assures it works better than the regular cardboard button. All we know is that you activate a button press action by swiping the stick.

Ostron VR Stick Controller


Both the plastic VR Headset and the Stick controller can be pre-order starting the 5th of august.

The price and the countries in which the headset will be available are not announced yet. Stay tuned.

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