iPhone 6 VR Cat Case Hands-on Review

iPhone 6 VR Cat Case

VR Cat is a Virtual Reality headset and case for your iPhone 6 and 6S.


Not being the first of it's kind, it is the cheapest. Speck Pocket VR and Figment VR are VR cases that follow the same concept: a iphone case that enables VR by opening it. Both cases cost about 70€/$ which is 10 times the price of the VR Cat. VR Cat cost about 7$ and isn't all that bad!

VR Cat has 2 ears which may be pushed to fold VR Cat into a VR headset.

It has no strap, like Google Cardboard, and has 30 mm lenses. Adjusting your eyes to the screen can be a bit difficult but after a few seconds you'll be able to find the correct distance and position towards the iPhone's screen. The lenses are okay. No very good but enough the have a immersive experience. If you want more quality in a pocket sizes VR device you'll have to spend more and buy a Homido mini or something similar.


Like most pocket sized VR goggles the iPhone 6 VR Cat is open on the sides which is good because it enables you to access your iPhones screen for touch input but is bad on the other side because of the light leak which disturbes the immersion you'll experience.

VR Cat is fully adapted to your iPhone so all buttons, camera's and input holes are available. This also means the case is AR compatible.


VR Cat comes packed in a simple small cardboard box containing only the case itself and 2 disposable tissues to clean lenses. Much more cannot be expected for such a low price.


One of the limitations these VR cases have is that they are only compatible with one iPhone model. Or in this case two models: the iPhone 6 and the exterior identical iPhone 6S.


Pro's and Con's


  • create specially for the iPhone 6/6S
  • Price
  • Good quality casing
  • Very portable
  • 2 in 1 product


  • Only compatible with iPhone 6/6S
  • No adjustability

Website: Aliexpress

Country of origin: China

Price: 6,89$ / 6,20€

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