Pocket 360 and Flip 360 on Kickstarter

I Am Cardboard VR

I Am Cardboard launched its 3rd Kickstart campaign

After the succesful regular Cardboards, the less succesful XinGear VR and the plastic DSCVR cardboards I Am Cardboard plans to create 3 new products.

Two pocket-sized VR headsets/goggles and a device called Orbit 360 that will help you create better 360 panoramas on your smart phone.

Flip 360 and Pocket 360 will be their new VR goggles.

Flip 360 fits on your smartphone just like Figment VR and Cat VR.

Flip 360

Flip 360 I Am Cardboard

If you're fast you can still by the super early bird for 15$ + shipping costs

Strange is that the website doesn't say if it is compatible with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. On the photo it seems to be a regular iPhone.

Pocket 360

Pocket 360 is a foldable VR headset that will compete with similar gadgets like the French Homido Mini and Russian Fibrum Nippers.

Pocket 360 I Am Cardboard

This one you can get for 5$ + shipping costs if you get the early bird version.

Both devices do not add anything new to the VR market but they will be made be a very experienced team!

Orbit 360

The Orbit 360 is a Bluetooth-controlled base that let's you take perfect spherical panoramas on your smartphone. Orbit 360 DSCVR

Joining this piece of hardware an App called DSCVR will let you make 360-degree Virtual Reality panoramas. It will be released for both iOS and Android.

Website: Kickstarter Campaign

Country of origin: United States

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