Weekly VR Game update (week 34-2016)

Weekly VR Game Update 28-08-2016

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New Virtual Reality games for your mobile phone are hitting the iTunes AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

VR VL Mountain Bus Driver Simulator Pro - 0,99€

VR VL Mountain Bus Driver Simulator Pro

VR Mountain Bus Drive: Get ready for an incredible journey. Let's use your pocket glasses to drop passengers to their respective destination. vr Mountain Bus Driver is a driving game where you can simulate your driving skills by enjoying stunning graphics with a loads of environment.

Flyer VR Game for Cardboard - free


Fly as far as you can! Virtual Reality game for Cardboard can be played in VR or NON-VR.

Battle Wings VR - free

Battle Wings VR World War Flight Simulator

** Be the Pilot and fight in real 3D Air Combats ** ** Choose your side and fight the Germans or Allies ** ** Intuitive hands-free controls and stunning 3D graphics define new standards in mobile VR ** It is Juli 1914! Your Country is under attack.

VR Command Action - 1,99€


The Modern Era of Games is just to begin with this amazing VR based Commando Action game. Just wear the 3D Glasses and enter the world of Virtual Reality by sniper based action thrilled game and avail the taste of oculus rift. Invade the enemy camp and eliminate them all.

Homido V2 VR Headset

VR Zombie Combat Zombie Shooter - free

VR Zombie Combat Zombie Shooter for Virtual Reality

Enjoy Zombies Shooter in Virtual Reality. They are attacking on you. show no mercy against Zombies. Real Threat.! It is a time to check your reflexes and grip on the Gun.

VR Lava Runner - 0,99€

VR Lava Runner Google Cardboard

** You will need to pass the test of the dangerous lava flow. * ** Feel like a hero of adventure stories! ** ** Compete with your friends who will pass more **

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  1. Love your website. I really really like how you rate your top 5 games, and I’d love to see a post like that for the vr headsets that constantly updates! Make best overall. Best comfort. Best bang for buck. And best if money isn’t a concer.

    This would be so awesome. You have done so many reviews’ it’s hard and time consuming to work through it all.


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