Leji Mini VR Headset Hands-on Review

If I would have to compare this to other VR headsets I would say it is a cheap but good Homido VR V1. Its size, appearance and capabilities reassemble to the Homido. The value-for-money is much higher. Pay 70 $ for a Homido or 10 $ for a Leji Mini VR. Although the Homido is better Leji feels like a better bargain. They both miss a V2 button.

If you do want a VR headset with a Google Cardboard V2 iPhone compatible (conductive) button Homido added the V2 button to their latest headset Homido V2., which just came out.

Leji VR Headset

Leji Mini VR is very suitable for a iPhone 6. It does not have a very wide FOV, but it is enough to give you a good immersion. Press on the 2 buttons on the side of the VR headset and it will expand. Fit in your iPhone, adjust the lenses (IPD), ajust the 3-way headstrap (or don't use it) and you are ready to start your VR experience.

Leji VR Headset

Leji comes with 38mm lenses of reasonable quality and the face cover is comfortable.
The small clip on the front of the device enables Augmented Reality on all compatible devices.

Leji wieghts about 190 gramms and is available in 5 "pastel" colors yellow, pink, white, blue and green.


Compatible with iPhone models 6, 6 plus,  6s  and 6s plus


VR Leji Mini Unboxing

The Leji is packaged in a nicely design box which contains the Leji itself, a cleaning tissue, a small instruction manual and a 3 Way headstrap. The headstrap is simple but adjustable.

VR Leji Mini Headset

The Leji Mini VR comes well protected in an additional plastic bag and the lenses are covered with protective plastic aswell.


Pro's and Con's


  • Price
  • Overall quality
  • independent IPD adjustment
  • AR capable
  • Size


  • No V2 compatible button


Country of origin: China

Price: 10,00$

Website: GearBest.com

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