Create VR Photos with Cardboard Camera

Google has published Cardboard Camera in the iOS AppStore. Now us iPhone users can enjoy creating and viewing VR photos.

With this App you can create VR Photos with sound, save them, share them, export them and view them with your VR Headset.
The recorded sound improves the VR immersion. Use your headphones!

It works just like the standard panorama photo function but does a lot more. Simply press the app's record button and begin rotating in place while holding your iPhone steady.


you can also share your VR photos with friends and family on both iPhone and Android devices. Select multiple photos to create a virtual photo album, tap the share icon, and Cardboard Camera will generate a link (like this) that can be emailed, messaged, or posted in apps and on the web.

Google Cardboard Camera iOS App

This is the fourth Google Cardboard compatible App Google publishes to the AppStore. Earlier Google Streetview got an update which added VR Cardboard functionality , Google's YouTube iOS App supports viewing 360 videos with a cardboard or VR headset and the official Google Cardboard App was added.

Here are some VR Photo samples ->Link to VR Photos

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