Weekly VR Game update (week 36-2016)

iTunes Virtual Reality Games

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New Virtual Reality games for your mobile phone are hitting the iTunes AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

VR Zombies - free

VR Zombies iOS

VR Scary Zombies is a first person shooter free virtual reality game for google cardboard. This is an addictive game that will take you to the world of zombies. A world of zombies where no rules apply, the only rule that exists is to kill or get killed.

VR Anime Dancing Girls - 1,99

VR Anime Dancing Girls Kawaii

Girls if you love anime games, then this is the best chance for you to play the anime games in your real life with your favorite anime girls. VR Anime Dancing Girls gives you a full pack of amusement, glamour, fashion and trend updates.

VR Dinosaur Shooter - free

VR Dinosaur Shooter iOS

VR Scary Dinosaurs is a first person shooter free virtual reality game for google cardboard. A world of Dinosaurs where no rules apply, the only rule that exists is to kill or get killed. This is an addictive game that will take you to the world of Jurassic Park.

Dream Flights VR - 18,99

Dream Flights VR

Many people pilot DJI drones for shooting great photos and videos. We fly them for the feeling of free flight, like in dreams. Put your phone into VR glasses such as Google card, VR Box, Carl Zeiss VR, Homido, Fibrum or similar, connect it to the RС controller of a DJI drone*

VR Spiders - free

VR Spiders iOS

Imagine you are in a town while doing camping all alone, enjoying yourself but then you realize, you are not all alone someone else is also near the camps but those someones are not humans they are human eaters they are big zombie spiders.

Vikings VR - 0,99

Vikings VR Rock the Balls

Vikings VR: Rock the Balls - unique VR runner. Put iPhone in cardboard and go to the real adventure - hateful vikings, giants form Jotunheim and even animals - all of them are going up against you! If you don’t have a cardboard - it’s not a problem.

VR Night Five at House - free


Five Nights At House will allow you to test your abilities in search of exit from a maze! * Mysterious and intriguing missions in a maze! * Stunningly atmospheric 3D graphics! * A goal of the game - is to find a way out and stay alive!

VR GO Secret of the Dark Room - 0,99


This Horror Game is not an action game, but a game of reasoning where each move can lay your miserable life on the line. In this game the random ghosts will appear on screen. You have to survive against them in the cursed house room and find your way out.

VR Commando Battleship - 1,99

VR Commando Battleship

Vr Commando Battleship is an interesting virtual reality based shooting game. If you have VR glasses then you can enjoy attractive scene in real like a 3d cinema movies or motion ride. Now you can avail the taste of oculus rift.

VR Murder Crime Investigation : Dark Jungle Pro - 0,99

VR Murder Crime Investigation

Take your step into a real haunted house and found a key to unlock every door. Be careful at every step. Many stories are still in lime light about this house. Some seen Slendrina in this haunted house some hear the sound of evil. But you don't get scared.

VR Commando Gun Strike - 1,99

VR Commando Gun Strike

VR Commando Gun Strike is fps action game which give you a real feel to rescue locals and save their lives as a front line commando with a variety of combat and missions using VR galsses. It is the best Commando Action game.

Funny Farm VR - 1,99

Funny Farm VR

Funny Farm VR is here! Full 360 Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Instant pick up & play! + Best for: Google Cardboard + Compatible with most Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. This is no boring farm simulator! Bash, smash and crash your way around the farm

Father.io - Zombie GO Shooter VR - free

Father.io Zombie GO Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR GO: Game features: - 2 game modes   Zombie Attack with camera +   Zombie Attack in the background + games - 2 Different weapons - Reload ammo - Classic mode - Constantly expanding

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