Dlodlo Glass H1 VR Hands-on Review

Dlo dlo Glass H1

Dlodlo Glass H1 VR is the closest you can get to a Samsung Gear VR at the moment. And better yet, it works on lots of Android smartphones from different brands. At least, that's what the website states...

The Dlodlo H-one is not just another Chinese Virtual Reality Headset. It has its own integrated hardware and sensors. Aside from being just a nice piece of plastic with 2 lenses and a 3-way headstrap, the H1 VR has a Touchpad, a back button, volume buttons, 2 micro USB ports, a focal length adjustmentwheel, a proximity sensor and a built-in 9-axis sensor.

This all sounds very promising!



The most important question is: Can you use it with your iPhone? Yes and no. Yes, you can place your iPhone in there and have a very good VR immersion but unfortunately the integrated sensor and buttons will not work on iOS devices.

Touchpad, backbutton,volume button, 2x micro USB port, proximity sensor and built-in 9-axis Sensor will only work on Android devices.

So if you are planning to buy this device to use with your iPhone, be aware that all the Gear VR like specs will not work. If you accept this, the headset does have a lot to offer and maybe just the headset you want to use with your iOS device.

Accompanied by a very good and comfortable 3-way headset with multiple well designed cushions, Dlodlo H1 is one of the most comfortable headsets yet. It design and the technical specifications really resemble to the Gear VR.
To increase comfort it comes, like most headsets, with foam to protect your face. The foam has a thin textile layer which makes it even softer on your face.


Dlodlo does not have much light leaking through the sides but it does fog up a little bit so now and then.

The focal adjustment helps to fine tune this device to your eyes needs. The Dlodlo website states that the device has auto IPD but I have no way of confirming this. It works great for my eyes, that's the only thing I can say about it. The 40mm adjustable lenses seem to be high-quality and FOV is above average.

Placing the phone is easy. Just remove the front cover gently and shove the smartphone between the 2 rubber clips on the top and bottom side. The smartphone fits well and after adjusting a little bit to the left and right the it will stay in place and wont fall out easily.


Dlodlo is available in two colors: Black and white

Dlodlo VR 

For this review I also used a Samsung Galaxy S5 because I wanted to try the integrated hardware.

After reading the instruction manual I downloaded and App called Dlodlo VR. After that I placed the S5 into the device and connected it with the micro USB cable to the Dlodlo VR Headset. Dlodlo VR launches automatically.

Like the Gear VR Home, Dlodlo VR has its own movies, panoramas and games. I tried a couple of movies, but I recommend downloading them first to have a good experience. After watching some Japanese girls in bikinis while sitting in a VR theatre, I tried a couple of games. There are only about 10 games available in Dlodlo Home. One of them is the well know Lamper VR.

Playing Lamper VR is fun with the Dlodlo headset, although there does not seem to any reduction of latency.
You do not get that great Gear VR immersion I was hoping for.

The Touchpad also does not seem to work in this game. The back button and volume buttons work fine.
In the Dlodlo home, however, the touchpad does seem to work, and also when sitting in the VR theatre to watch a movie the buttons seem to work fine.

Like I said earlier, this headset has a great FOV (at least with the S5) and big lenses but the most important spec: the 9-axis sensor, does not seem to do the job it is suppose to do.

Note that, in contrary to the Gear VR Home,  you do not need to use the Dlodlo VR App in order to use this device. The App doesnt even exist on iOS. The only thing the App enables is the integrated hardware. I tried Lamper VR with and without the integrated hardware and I do not notice any difference. This could be due to the Galaxy S5 so I will test it with other Android smartphones soon. So check ou this article in the near future.



Dlodlo Glass H1 is (partially) compatible with iPhone 6(S) plus and iPhone 7 plus.
I state partially because the integrated buttons, hardware and sensors do not work with iOS devices.

If you also own a regular a iPhone 6/6S/7 then you will have to hold the smartphone while playing. The regular iPhone is to straight and the clips wont hold the phone.



The Dlodlo Glass H1 Virtual Reality headset comes packed in a very good quality box.

It looks nice and I classify it as one of the highest quality packages I have seen up to date. Even when compared to American and European headsets.
After opening the box, a couple of nice black boxes separate the headset, the 3-way strap en the other accessories from each other.

After unpacking everything we see we received the following items:
1 x VR Glass H1
1 x English manual
1 x lens cleaning cloth
1 x VIP Card
1 x warranty card

All of them good quality and nice design!


This headset can't be compared to the awful VR headsets Chinese companies have made in the past. They just keep getting better.
Back in 2014, I started reviewing the worst Chinese headset ever and through-out the last 2 years Chinese headsets like VR Shinecon, Leji VR mini and BoboVR Z4 came to the market and quality was greatly improved. This one is even better and there is no notable difference between US/EU quality and this headset. Downside is that the price also raised a lot. But that makes sense.

Now Dlodlo has created this high quality headset it should now focus on the integrated hardware which is not up to standards yet and make it work with iOS devices!

Pro's and Con's


  • Overall quality
  • Comfort
  • AR capable


  • Integrated hardware is only compatible with Android
  • dedicated AppStore does not have many games
  • Not compatible with regular iPhone 6/6s/7

YouTubber Caleb Eubanks made an Unboxing:

Lens size: 40mm
Weight: 460gr
Dimensions: 193.5mmx93mmx91mm

Price: 56,5€ / 62,00€ @ GearBest.com

Use coupon code: LKFDD to get the headset for $56.79 (expires 30 november 2016)

Website: Dldodlo.com

Country of origin: China

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