Could this be the new Daydream iOS controller?

As Google presented its new Daydream Headset and motion controller, us iOS fans were left in the cold, jealously waiting for much necessary iOS VR improvements.

A kickstarter campaign called Vroom was launched and wants to bring us a iOS compatible VR motion controller to give iPhone users Daydream controller functionality.

Update 21-11-2016: This Kickstarter campaign did not get funded and was cancelled

Vroom iOS Motion VR Controller

This campaign hope to raise money to fund an Open source SDK and hardware developers kit. The consumer version will probably come later if the project is succesful. It's main objective is to bring (mobile) VR Motion to the masses and support iOS and Android.

To make developing your VR applications as easy as possible with Unity, an SDK is included. Controller hardware specifications will also be open source, so we hope to see an abundance of new controllers make their appearance! Vroom will be compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 and will have two buttons and a 8 directional key.

On the Kickstarter page they state that this is the first smartphone VR controller. That's not accurate. Actually quite a few companies are developing similar products.
Take a look at the following products (all in development) : RevolVR, Remoria VR an Vico VR.

Pledge 38$ and get (a developers version of ) the VR Game controller, the Unity SDK and a sample game by march 2017.
Please note that crowdfunding campaigns are not normal products. You are taking a risk by funding this campaign.

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