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Haunted Room Escape VR Game

Game Tip of the Week: Haunted Rooms - an escape Virtual Reality game

Just wanted to add this new title. Good uality graphics, nice gameplay and free. A good combo!

Rabbit Mountain release Haunted Rooms an episodic puzzle thriller for mobile VR.

Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game is based upon the popular escape the rooms game play in which the players needs to escape a room through solving a series of puzzles.
As the player escapes from room to room the episodic storyline unfolds through highly immersive console quality graphics. Rabbit Mountain promises to make new episodes of the game available on a regular basis offering new rooms and a continuation of the story.

Haunted Rooms

Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game can be played on all Google Cardboard compatible headsets or without any headset through touch controls. The experience is tailored regardless of your device and with the rich underlying graphics it’s ready to be made available on next generation VR devices such as Google Daydream and other high-end VR platforms.

Haunted Escape Room

This is the third VR games launched by the European developers - Rabbit Mountain. Earlier this year they release Jurassic Virtual Reality and Jurassic VR 2. Both free!

Country of origin: somewhere in Europa

Link to game: iOS AppStore

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