Lignum VR Controller Dev-kit Hands-on Review

Remoria VR Controller iPhone

Today Remoria starts a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign staring its VR controller called Lignum

Update 21-11-2016: This Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled until more content is available

Among the lucky ones that got a LignumVR controller developer kit to test, I will give you a sneakpreview about what this VR controller is going to add to your iOS Virtual Reality immersion.
Lightweight, a awesom design and most important of all... it works!

Final product will look like this:
Remoria Lignum VR controller

This controller has 3 buttons, a analog joystick and a 3-axis motion system. It comes with a mini-USB cable to charge the device and it has an on/off button.

Remoria Lignum VR controller

Charge it with a mini-USB cable, switch it  on, switch on Blue-tooth on your iPhone, start the Remoria App and your ready to go.

No pairing is necessary, this happens automatically when starting the App.

Dev-kit 1 photos:

Remoria Lignum VR controller




Remoria Lignum VR controller

At the moment there is one App with 3 test games available:

  • a Flying game
    Remoria Lignum VR controller
  • a Shooting game
    Remoria Lignum VR controller
  • a Moon experience
    Remoria Lignum VR controller

The flying game is by far the most finished on and clearly shows the capabilities of this VR controller.
The joystick works fine and the motion control has pretty low latency for a wireless BT device.

Having written several articles about the lack of VR controller for iOS, I welcome the Lignum controller and hope developers will support it.
RevolVR and Vico VR will be compatible with iOS aswel but apart from still being in development they are not direct competitors because they both have a very different approach to control your VR content.

A very good choice Remoria made is that Apps and Games supporting this controller will still use the widely used Google Cardboard SDK. This means that developers wont need to use other VR SDKs in order to be compatible with the Lignum controller. Sure, they need to add the Remoria SDK but this is much easier than having to rebuild a game with another (not widely supported) VR SDK.

Lignum will also be compatible with desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Interview with Marco de Falco - Remoria

Marco de Falco, one of the 3 persons behind Remoria, has agreed to give a short interview and he will tell us what to expect:

Q: Who is Remoria VR (team)?
A: We are a very small team! It's composed by only 3 people: me, Matteo Pisani our CTO and Agnieszka Orlikowska. Sometimes people don't believe that such a complex product came out of a super small startup.
Q: Is this your first product?
A: Yes, the VR market has just started to gain momentum and there would have been no space for similar products in the past years. We want Lignum to be the first of a great series of products.
Q: When will the consumer version be available (release date CV1)?
A: It is just a matter of content development really. As more content becomes available, Lignum will be perfectly suited for consumers purposes.
Q: What will it cost?
A: You can check this on our Kickstarter campaign! The reward tiers are publicly displayed.
Q: Is it a Daydream VR controller competitor?
A: Daydream will work only with Android 7.0 devices. We wanted to do something different, focussing on flexibility and cross-compatibility to cover a different part of the market.
Q: Which (iOS) games will support this controller when the consumer version is available?
A: We are in contact with game studios and several independent developers that are already developing some great  content to make the best use of the built-in sensors. I will not disclose more, but maybe you will see some news appearing directly on our Kickstarter campaign page.
Q: What would you like to say yo our readers about Remoria VR?
A: It was time to make a VR controller for iPhone and we did it! Now support us on Kickstarter!
Country of origin: Italy

Price: Super early bird - 39€, early bird - 49€, normal campaign price - 59€

Website: Remoria Kickstater Campaign

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