Weekly VR Game Update (week 44-2016)

Latest iOS Virtual Reality Games

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New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

Last Order: Blackwood Project VR - 3,99

Last Order Blackwood Project VR Cardboard

Virtual Reality Game: Last Order: Blackwood Project Review the mystery of Blackwood Project. The game is solely dedicated to Virtual Reality experience. The game allows the player to really feel the atmosphere of the post-nuclear world full of scary creatures and abandoned places.

Monster Zombie Plague War VR - free

Monster Zombie Plague War VR

Dive into the world of terror and utter horror of the walking dead in an impressive VR immersion on your mobile handsets. Gear up your guns and get ready for an action packed survival adventure against the flesh craving dead folks in a breathtaking virtual reality gameplay.

Roof Runner VR - free

Roof Runner VR

It’s not some insane parkour training game or mafia driving game that you played before. Try out this amazing Virtual Reality based game for increasing your real jumping skills and parkour skills. This endless game becomes harder and harder as the game progress and the fun doubles.

Shooting Hoops VR - 0,99

Shooting Hoops VR Basketball

Shooting Hoops VR 3D (a basketball VR sports game) makes you feel the real basketball playing experience on your smartphones with VR. View the ground in a 360 environment and feel the thrill of shooting the balls into the baskets. Best VR game for killing time in 2016.

VR Slender Man - free

VR Slender Man

The Slender Man is an urban legend who is tall, thin and has a blank face. He can also stretch or shorten his arms to inhuman lengths. You need to locate the missing items in the forest before the Slender Man finds you.

VR Crane Simulator 3D - 1,99

VR Crane Simulator 3D

Want to take part in construction activities? crane game is for you. Transport construction goods and sand in your heavy duty truck. Driving a heavy machinery has always been a challenging task for many, but not for you by using this smooth simulator.

VR Evil Dead Zombie - 1,99

VR Evil Dead Zombie

This is the most addictive action packed zombie shooter game with full suspense. Are you ready for this dynamic bloody zombie scary and dangerous dead battle? Ultra-realistic 3d game graphics and smooth game-play with real environments provides you real deadly war experience.

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