Weekly VR Game Update (week 46-2016)

Weekly iOS VR Games November 2016

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

Keep track of the latest iOS AppStore Virtual Reality releases!

This week we are introducing our VR-iPhone Game of the Week Award. We test the games and pick our favorite game.

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

 VR Tank Battlefield War - free

VR Tank Battlefield War
Evil forces have attacked our nation, threatening the entire free world! As one of the greatest military leaders on Earth, you must take action to save us all! This game is a combination of military strategy and a shooting game.

VR iOS Game of the Week

Rope Crossing VR - free

Rope Crossing VR

Walking on a tightrope with a bar is a thrilling and exciting experience. Take the walk of your life feeling the tension of the rope under your feet when your heart starts to beat even faster when crossing over wild animals, volcano, buildings & Death Valley.

Video source: MughalMAB Tech

Rope Crossing Adventure for VR - free

Rope Crossinf Adventure for VR

Rope Crossing Adventure VR is a breathtaking tightrope simulator that puts you directly into one of the most dangerous activities known. Just hold your breath and start the walks over the skies!

VR Bike Championship 2016 - 1,99

VR Bike Championship

Presenting VR version of Sports Bike Championship 2016. VR Bike Championship is bike racing simulator that lets you play and feel the closest as you can actually riding the most powerful super bikes in virtual reality.

VR Snow Drift King - free

VR Snow Drift King

Have you ever wanted to be the fastest VR Snow Drifting car racer? Pick your wanted VR Snow Drifting car and join the extreme racing challenge. Race head to head with opponents cars to become a racing champion.

VR Death Race 3D - free

VR Death Race 3D

VR Death Run 3D is an extremely addictive hardcore game! Do you have the quick reflexes and steady hands are necessary to succeed!If you like hard challenges this is the game for you! Your goal is to survive as long as you can.

VR Pandora Survive - free

VR Pandora Survive

Fly in virtual reality space The first flight simulator vr rpg game with deep content on mobile.  This VR game tell a story about human travel through cosmos.

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