Carriage Rescue VR – iOS port

The next VR-iPhone iOS ported VR Game is available in the AppStore: Carriage Rescue VR

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We here by present our second iOS port.

Carriage Rescue VR was originaly developed by Madfal Studio for Android smartphones and the Gear VR.

This Virtual Reality Game is an enemy fighter game with intuitive gaming controls for you to enjoy a smooth game play experience. Try to achieve higher levels and kill enemies.


Norris as a Rental Guardian Apprentice was hired to protect carriage to the west.
then in the way he was ambushed by thug muggers, they called a beast from northwest, no one can survive from their hand.


Play this rescue game where you kill enemies and protect the carriage. Fighting enemies is the core of this fun adventure mission game and you will watch multiple challenging levels while playing this fun mission game. Play in Virtual Reality (VR) using a cardboard viewer or VR-headset and headphone to enjoy an amazing gameplay experience.

To play this game you need a Google Cardboard/VR-headset which has a touch input or screen access.Please check our VR headset database to find compatible devices.




  • Use of Gyro Sensor with the device to enjoy smooth game play
  • Tap Support to shoot enemies (Cardboard V2 or screen touch)
  • Kill enemies to advance levels
  • Keep reloading to enjoy a better experience
  • Fight the Boss and kill enemies with this fighter mission game

Developer: Madfal Studio

Country of origin: Indonesia

Link to AppStore

Price: 0,99 

Interview with Adam from Madfal Studio:

VR-iPhone: Why did you start developing this VR game?
Adam from Madfal: There was any VR game Competition in my country, and deadline in 1 month. so after brefing, we start to implement idea for Carriage Rescue VR

VR-iPhone: You choose to develop a Android VR game. Why didn't you choose Apple iOS?
Adam from Madfal: oh yes, Madfal is an Indie developer in struggle, so we just could build in android now

VR-iPhone: What/who is Madfal Studios?
Adam from Madfal: an Indie Developer from Indonesia. Start since college, from web flash to mobile now

VR-iPhone: What was your first thought when we contacted you and offered to port your game to iOS?
Adam from Madfal: i think this is my chance to get ios market

VR-iPhone: How much time did it take you to develop this game?
Adam from Madfal: just 3 weeks

VR-iPhone: Are you going to develop more VR games in the near future?
Adam from Madfal: yes, but we are still searching to implement new design

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  1. Carsten Hemso 27/12/2016 @ 19:16

    Fun game. Great work on offering the possibility to port to iOS. Can’t wait to see what awesome titles will come in the future. Keep it up

  2. Fun game. Good job on offering the possibility to port games to iOS. Wonder what great titles will come to iOS in the future. Keep it up


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