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QuaderTrash VR

There are so much VR Games in the Google Playstore for Android devices and us iOS users are often left in the cold.
So VR-iPhone.com started a iOS port-service for indie developers who are willing to let their VR Android game be ported to Apple iOS AppStore.

Let me introduce our first AppStore VR hit:

QuaderTrash VR

QuaderTrash VR App

a blockbuster puzzle game to be played immersed into Virtual Reality on your iPhone or iPad.

Gaze and shoot at the colored blocks as fast as you can in this fast-paced arcade VR game.

If you make it in time, you will get to the next round and increase your score.
It will get harder every round and soon the blocks will surround you in one of the five different,
beautiful, low-poly, virtual reality environments.
The more targets appear, the more support you will get.
Power-ups like bombs and rockets can be combined for maximum effect!

QuaderTrash VR Main Menu

Be quick and beat the high score!

A Google Cardboard V2 Viewer is recommended, but the game can be played in a non-VR mode, as well.


  • BREAK blocks in virtual reality
  • FIVE beautiful low-poly environments
  • POWER-UPS like bombs and rockets
  • BOOST effect for triple points
  • BEAT the high score
  • ENJOY the sound track and low-poly visuals
  • Small price, NO ads, NO IAP

QuaderTrash VR iOS QuaderTrash VR iPhone

QuaderTrash VR AppStore

Price: 0,99

Country of origin: Germany

Developer: Lucas Bader

A short interview with QuaderTrash VR developer Lucas Bader:

VR-iPhone: Why did you start developing this VR game?
Lucas: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a game developer. However, back then, game development was a lot
harder to get into and I never really completed a project. Now, 10 years later, I rediscovered my childhood passion
by buying a 15$ Google Cardboard VR headset. After seeing what you could do with just a mobile phone and some cheap lenses put
in a cardboard housing, I was dedicated to finally finish a simple game. That's how the project started.

VR-iPhone: You choose to develop a Android VR game. Why didn't you choose Apple iOS?
Lucas: That's simple. I don't have a MacBook which is required for iOS development 😉

VR-iPhone: You developed this game in your free time. What is your regular job?
Lucas: I work as a full-time software developer with a focus on security software.

VR-iPhone: What was your first thought when we contacted you and offered to port your game to iOS?
Lucas: It was amazing to me that you saw enough potential in my game to make that effort worthwhile. Plus, I use an iPhone as my
primary phone, so I was really excited about the idea of QuaderTrash VR being available for iOS. Since I don't have the resources to develop
for iOS, this would have never happened without your support!

VR-iPhone: In the Android PlayStore you game is free. We suggested to ask 99 cents for the iOS version to cover costs and because we believe paying such a small price in order to create better games and more updates is fair. You first hesitated but then agreed. What made you choose to offer the game for free in the Android market?
Lucas: For me, game development is just a hobby. Since QuaderTrash VR is my very first game, for me it's already a huge win if someone just enjoys playing it.
It never occurred to me that people might actually be willing to pay money for the game. However, due to the additional costs attached to the Apple App Store, I think it is totally fair to charge a small amount to cover those expenses and to fund further updates.

VR-iPhone: How much time did it take you to develop this great game?
Lucas: I started out with pretty much zero VR and Unity experience and it took me around 4 months from the first prototypes to the final version of QuaderTrash VR.

VR-iPhone: Are you going to develop more VR games in the near future?
Lucas: Yes, definitely! I am currently saving up some money to get a Daydream View headset and a compatible phone. The quality of the ecosystem combined with the motion controller gives me plenty of ideas for new games. I really believe in the potential of mobile VR and I'm learning a ton. So stay tuned!

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Read the Promotional Code Distribution Terms.

Are you interested in porting your indie VR Game to iOS or do you have a Android VR Game you would liked to see in the Apple AppStore: Please contact us.
We hope to port as many good quality Virtual Reality Games to the iOS AppStore as possible!

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