Stimuli 2VR Hands-on Review

Stimuli 2VR headset

Past week a new portable VR headset arrived at my doorstep: the Stimuli 2VR

Founder Roy Peer created his second crowdfunding campaign wanting to bring us 2VR, a VR headset which is economical and accessible to all and fits in your pocket.
For just under 30 dollars and as portable as a pair of regular glasses 2VR I think it is fair to say that Roy achieved these goals.

The 2VR has a different approach when compared with its competitors (Homido Mini, Figment VR, Dodocase Smart VR and many more). This VR goggle works like a regular set of prescription glasses which makes it hands-free. Instead ear grips support the headset and the smartphone. Most portable Virtual Reality headsets are not hands-free.


​Stimuli 2VR comes in a well design and high-quality package.

When opened there are two items inside: the 2VR headset and a piece of textile which at first glans looks like a sleeve for the headset.

Stimuli 2VR unboxing

Stimuli 2VR unboxing

In fact it is a sleeve to protect and make the headset more portable, but not only. Its multi-functional: the sleeve can also be used as a headset cover with headstrap to prevent light leaking when using the 2VR. Very clever!

Headset cover to prevent light leaks / sleeve

Headset cover to prevent light leaks / sleeve

Starting with this headset is easy. Just unfold both the arms and the holders for the smart phone.
Pull out the arms to adjust them to your needs and place the smartphone into the holders.

Now the device is ready to use. Just put it on like a regular pair of glasses and you are ready to start.

Stimuli 2VR portable

Stimuli 2VR comfortable

Rubber nose padding

Stimuli 2VR adjustable

Adjustable arms

Stimuli 2VR grip

Rubber in grips

Stimuli 2VR

Rubber in grips


Almost all smartphone with a screen size between 4 inch and 5.5 inch will fit into Stimuli's Virtual Reality goggles.
So iPhone models 6, 6 plus, 6S, 6S plus, 7 and 7 plus are compatible with 2VR.


I tested 2VR with an iPhone 6.

When looking at the headset one might get the impression that your phone might fall out because there is no protection on the side. fortunately it is not very probable that this will happen as Stimuli's 2VR has a tight grip on my iPhone. The rubber in the grip prevents the iPhone from falling out.

As said above, this headset can be used without holding it with your hands. When gaming I prefer to hold it with one hand which reliefs the pressure on my nose and enables me to touch the screen for the touch input (most Google Cardboard games require). This gadget is very suitable for gaming. The headset is very steady when you rotate your head because of the arms which attach to your ears. The screen is very accessible (when you are not using the sleeve) and the lens quality is enough for a good immersion.

If you already use glasses there is not really a possibility to combine 2VR and your prescription glasses. The focal length between the lenses and the smartphone's screen is not adjustable so prescription lenses seem to be your only option.
The field of view is acceptable. Of course the screen size of the iPhone 6 limits the field of view. If you own the iPhone 6 plus the FOV should be better. 2VR is equipped with 34mm bi-convex lenses

Stimuli 2VR iPhone 6

The overall quality of the headset is good and the price is fair. It is difficult to compare this headset to headsets that are in the same price category. View-master VR and the I Am Cardboard DSCVR are very different devices. If portability is one of the main features you want for a Virtual Reality headset then buy this one.

Stimuli 2VR iPhone 7

Pro's and Con's


  • No need to use your hands
  • Portable
  • Overall quality
  • Adjustability
  • Screen access


  • Weight on nose
  • No adjustable IPD

Stimuli 2VR Virtual Reality

Weight: 55 grams

Country of origin: United States

At the moment of writing, this headset is only available on
Also available in Blue, Red and Clear/transparent

For real-time up-to-date prices please check our VR Headset Database


For best experience with Google Cardboard Apps/Games use this QR-code:
Stimuli 2VR QR-code

Is this a nice Christmas gift? Yes, I would choose the red one 😉


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