VR-iPhone in 2017. What to expect?

Virtual Reality 2017

The new year is almost there!

We want to wish al you VR enthusiasts  around the world a very very good 2017 filled with immersions and innovative experiences!

2016 was a great year for Virtual Reality and also a great year for VR-iPhone.com.
VR-iPhone had over 1 million visitors this year!

2017 will be a year of big changes and improvement.
For starters, Q1 2017 VR-iPhone.com will migrate to a dedicated server to improve loading times.
A new member will join the team to create better and more content.
We will also start focussing more on video content and will expand the VR-headset database with more information and better search features.
The next iOS Game port release is around the corner: Lady Vs Monster VR - a funny little game created by a Indonesian indie developer studio called MadFal.
Lady VS Monter VR iPhone
And finally: we have plans to create a iOS VR development section for those of you who want to learn (more) about creating VR content for iOS devices.

Off course you can expect our regular weekly VR game updates, Top5 game ratings and lots of news.

The next couple of weeks you can expect a lot of new posts here on VR-iPhone.com. We are working hard on new stuff as we speak.
We're preparing quite a few VR-headset hands-on reviews:

The Occipital Bridge deserves a special mentioning. This headset offers positional tracking and is the first experience we´ve had met positional tracking on an iPhone... or any other smart phone. This device is a VR positional tracking able headset, a Mixed reality headset and a 3D scanner all together. So awesome!!!


If you have any good ideas please share them with us in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook or by mailing us...

Best wishes to all!

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  1. Good luck. This year will be more VR than previous! 🙂


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