Weekly VR Game Update (Week 50-2016)

iPhone Virtual Reality Games 2016

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

Keep track of the latest iOS AppStore Virtual Reality releases!

This week we are introducing our VR-iPhone Game of the Week Award. We test the games and pick our favorite game.

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

VR In Mind 2017 - free

This VR game allows the player to experience the journey into the patient's brains in search of the neurons.

In this game your task is remove virus infected neurons in mind.
Enjoy this amazing game in Virtual Device.

VR Secret Agent Bank Robbery Escape - 2,99

Hired and trained as a secret agent Dex, your rescue mission day begins in-between a bank robbery situation. Kill or be killed in secret secret agent rescue mission game. The security of the town is in your hands now. Although you are trained shooter but you are not carrying a gun inside a bank. Suddenly from nowhere robber’s breakout into the bank with heavy weaponry. You as a secret agent are already inside the bank as secret national security agency reported a robbery threat. Keep cover in shadow for stealth operations behind walls and your priority is to get armed as soon as possible. Being an experienced and well trained special force secret agent you have to complete bank robbery rescue mission. As professional spy gets ready to execute your plan and takeout the robbers before they make an escape taking all the cash and documents from the vault.

Gameplay begins with you taking out a couple of gangsters as a spy agent and getting armed. Rescue the keys to the vault and start your secret agent duty. Stealth spy, gun shooting, taking out robbers, protecting the cash and hostage rescue mission. Secure your place

Professional robbers have planned a new robbery and secret agency have reported a robbery. Play this newest grand bank robbery escape game and don’t let the robbers plot runaway. Seek vendetta by killing criminals. Enter the managers room & rescue bank employees taken as hostage; Showcase skills of professional criminals and take advantage of the hostile situation. Spying and assassinations play key role in completing your task.

• Play as Secret Agent on a Rescue Mission
• Eliminate Robbers trying to Breakout Bank with Cash
• Thrill of Playing as a Stealth Spy
• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay
• Aim, Shoot and Take Headshots
• Multiple Weapons like Pistols, AK and Assault Guns

VR Bottle Shoot Training - 2,99

Do you have a craze for shooting games? Get ready to take up the challenge of Bottle shooting and getting hands on with real-time gun shooting. Experience the real thrill when you get perfection in shooting skills with multiple guns. Become a real shooting master. As you progress in this bottle shoot game there are multiple challenging levels for you. Each level brings a new hurdle in your shooting training. Get yourself trained for US army training sessions. Become a real shooter once you get trained in this bottle shoot game. Gradually the difficulty level will arise.

Get ready to enjoy the full action packed game with bottle shooting and exciting gameplay levels. Flying drones carrying bottles, zombies walking your way with bottles on their head. Take your best shot and burst the bottles. Bottle shoot game is a real shooting challenge where you are equipped with fully loaded guns. Don’t let the zombies get near or they’ll attack on you. Take up the bottle shooting challenge in this gun shooting training game. Enjoy real bottle shoot training game and get trained as a pro shooter.

• VR Smart view
• Addictive gameplay
• Easy to learn and Shoot
• VR Shooting simulator
• VR based 3D Environment
• Amusing Visual and Sounds Effects

VR Taxi Driver Simulator - 2,99

Time to fasten your seat belt and get ready for the VR Taxi Driver virtual reality game. A fast paced 3D driving simulator concept in simulation with VR Taxi cab driver passenger game. Speed up your car, drive through the big city traffic, pick up the passengers and drop them off at the location.

VR Sniper Shooting Game - free

It is a Virtual Reality (VR) game to create a simulated environment An immersive sniper shooter action is presented again. Aim the target and shoot using your sniper shooting skills in this first person shooter game.

Nebula Virtual Reality Space VR - 0,99

Use your virtual reality headset to experience the thrill of deep space from the comfort of your own home!

Get ready to explore a space nebula in virtual reality! Experience the real sensation and thrill of flying through space with your mobile virtual reality headset. This experience boasts a 360 VR FPS field of view, addicting and endless gameplay. Look in the direction you want the fly, explore vast nebulas and other space phenomena!

• Features •

- Stereoscopic virtual reality rendering and headtracking for mobile VR
- Realistic space simulation
- Endless exploring gameplay
- Large world

VR Horror in the Forest 2 - 0,99

You'll be riding on train trails through haunted forest filled with evil and scary spiders.
Enjoy our rollercoaster and try to relax through our horror VR experience.


  • animated scary spider
  • scary background music
  • great to scare your friends
  • works with all VR glasses

VR Blocky Crossy - free

When virtual reality and 3d games meet, the results can’t be bad. This is one of those vr games that you will actually adore! If you have a google cardboard, oculus rift or any other vr headset, the experience will be unbelievable. However, if you don’t own one, you can still enjoy the game.


We crafted cool graphics and compelling environment in one of the best 3d online games! Blocky Crossy VR and 3D is a virtual reality game with graphics and effects that will stun you from the first moment you open it. It is also very enjoyable and will always keep you wanting for more and more.


The theme of the game is blocky and crossy. Enjoy the theme of strategy game crossy in blocky mania. It is one of those blocky roads and blocky games that will keep you hyped and challenged. You’ll need good strategy in one of the most interesting combinations of puzzle, strategy, adventure and 3d games.

excellent graphics
lovely gameplay
combination of virtual games and 3d online games
gives ability to choose between 2 game modes
blocky games and strategy games options

This game have two mode regular 3D game and other is virtual reality VR mode.

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