Holo Cube Holographic Toy

Beside new colors of the Merge VR headset and a motion controller for VR called moonshot, Merge is showcasing a holographic toy called HOLO CUBE at CES 2017.

The HOLO CUBE is a block that you hold with your hand while looking through a VR-headset. This enables users to interact with holograms through AR technology.
New experiences that bring the HOLO CUBE to life like drawing and taking care of a virtual pet.

credit: vrfocus.com

Toys are the tools we use for growing up, and our Holo Cube offers brand new ways to learn, play, and connect with others. (...)
Rather than using the typical interfaces of 2D screens, we’re developing physical products that merge the real world with the digital, and creating new ways for imagination and creativity to flourish.

Statement from Merge VR founder Franklin Lyons.
source: venturebeat.com

A dev kit wil be available in 2017.

Merge has already proven to be a good Virtual Reality entrepeneur when they launched the Merge VR headset in 2013.

Country of origin: United States

Website: MergeVR.com

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