Homido Grab Hands-on Review

Homido Grab

High quality Google Cardboard V2

There are dozens of these plastic Google Cardboards, but this one ranks very high in the list of best Google Cardboard V2 headsets.

A combination of aspects like a good design, solid headset, iOS compatible button and a very good Field of View make this headset one of the best in its price category.

Homido Grab

The Homido Grab shares parts with Homido's new high-end flagship: the Homido V2. They have the same front cover mechanism, the same conductive button tech and the same clever grips for your smart phone.

On the inside of the front cover you find the necessary QR-code to pair you smartphone with this Mobile VR headset. On both sides there are gaps so you can access the audio jack and the lightning input. The FOV for both the iPhone 4.7 inch models and the 5.5 inch models is great. Weighing about 240 grams it can be considered light weighted.

Homido Grab iPhone 7

I am all around positive about this headset. For about 30€ / 40$ you can't expect to get everything that's necessary to own a premium Virtual Reality. So this headset has a few downsides: It does not have lens adjusting capablities (IPD nor focal lenght) and no head strap. If you wear glasses you might need to consider buying a headset with focal lenght adjustment. Also it doesn't come with a case.

After opening the box you find just the headset itself, a cleaning tissue and a small manual.

iOS Compatible button

The iOS compatible button which enables to play lots of Google Cardboard compatible games and apps does its job very well. Better than most premium mobile VR headsets like Merge VR, Homido V2 and Freefly VR Beyond!Homido Grab  Homido Grab iOS

The Homido Grab will be available in various colors. At the moment of writing only the red, blue and black version are for sale at the official website.

Price: 29,99€ on the official website
Also available on Amazon.com

Website: Homido.com

Country of origin: France

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Looks cool. Love the colors. But the fact that it doesn’t have the headstrap is a downer. I love playing games that use a controller combined with VR, so with this headset that doesn’t fly. As far as I can tell this Homido is actually only for playing Cardboard games and sims and that’s it. Such a shame looking at previous headsets. And looking at the pictures the opening isn’t (again) big enough to put the headset on while wearing glasses. The price is right though.

    • All true Carsten.
      Actually, to get the WWGC (works with Google Cardboard) certification, head straps are not allowed.


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