Pocket 360 Hands-on Review

The third I Am Cardboard Crowdfunded product: Pocket 360 VR

After two succesful Kickstarted projects I Am Cardboard launched a new Kickstarter campaign in august 2016 in order to create three new products: Flip 360, Pocket 360 and Orbit 360. 3 days later the main funding goal was achieved.
Two week later they reached 200% of the original funding goal. I pledged for the Pocket 360 VR, a small portable VR headset.

A few days after christmas, coming from Hong Kong, the Pocket 360 arrived in my mailbox. A black and yellow one...

I do not know what I can write about this set of VR goggles that I havnt written before about on of the many foldable budget headsets I already reviewed. They are all cheap, very portable, they give access to the screen (which is a big plus for game playing) and the do not have a headstrap.

The I Am Cardboard Pocket 360 VR has all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above. At 9,99$ this is on of the cheapest and available in red, yellow, green, orange, blue and black (all of them combined with white) just like most of I Am Cardboard headsets models. It seems like the black and yellow version that was send to me didnt make the it to the final product 🙂 .

I am positive about this headset.
When I tried these goggles for the first time I was a bit dissapointed because they feel a bit cheap. Like chinese plastic. But the big 34mm lenses, the clever folding mechanisme and protective casing made me change my mind. This is a good headset to carry arround. Inserting the phone is a bit unpleasant because you have to pull the headset and insert the phone simulaneasly but after that it is a perfect fit and they wont fall off.


Pocket 360 is compatible with all VR capable iPhones but seems to be made especially for the 5.5 inch iPhone models (6 plus, 6S plus and 7 plus). The field of view is a perfect fit reaching exactly the borders of the screen. Even on a 4.7 inch iPhone the FOV is good. The (white) plastic surrounding the lenses helps to prevent light hitting the eyes and gives a good immersion. Many other portable headsets like the Homido mini and 2VR do not have this advantage.

Pro's an Con's


  • Price
  • Very portable
  • Lens size


  • Feels a bit cheap

In 2016 so many of these small portable Virtual Reality headsets were release that I decided that we wel create a post comparing most of them which will be poted somewhere in Q1 2017.

Country of origin: United States

Price: 9,99$

Website: IamCardboard.com

Se aal specs on our VR Headset database.

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  1. Carsten Slot Hemso 03/01/2017 @ 22:12

    Good article. Makes me want to order it right away just to have a go at it once 😀 I just might 😉 I think if you are having a try at VR on mobile this might be the right choice instead of a cardboard. Maybe not ideal, but there is room enough to touch the screen and mimic the V2 button for the Cardboard compatible games.


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