Weekly VR Game Update (week 02-2017)

iPhone Virtual Reality Games 2017

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

Keep track of the latest iOS AppStore Virtual Reality releases!

This week we are introducing our VR-iPhone Game of the Week Award. We test the games and pick our favorite game.

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

Dummies Guide to bomb defusal - free

VR iOS Game

VR puzzle solving game. Someone has carelessly left an active bomb on your desk, you must solve 3 unique puzzle rooms in order to defuse the bomb within the time limit.

Navigate to different rooms simply by turning (just keep spinning).
Has a VR and a non-VR mode.

Highway Snow Racer VR - free

VR iOS Game

Drive your bike to the redline across the frozen ridges and heat up the highway which is Layered By Snow !

VR Free-style Roller Coaster - 1,99

VR iphone roller coaster

Crazy Roller coaster adventure is ready for you , lets make a craziest ride towards sky in the starting of new year 2017. Let’s raise your adrenaline with space roller coaster and get a real navigation of virtual reality by using your cardboard glasses to get an extreme fun of roller coaster.

Race with Nitro VR - free

Race VR Game

Race With Nitro VR gives you most exciting with VR racing experience . Pick up your racing car & start race with smart racing AI cars on the real racing track in city

Lady VS Monster VR - free

iPhone Virtual Reality Game

Another VR-iPhone iOS Game port!

Tower defence Arcade game through hordes of monsters! Burst special skills and unlock other heros or Super Lady in a beautiful fantasy world. An evil sorcerer has unleashed vile monsters to prowl the countryside.

VR Games - 0,99

VR Games

Welcome to the wonderful world of VR! Have you got what it takes to take control of this weird but wonderful VR world? You will need all your skills & luck to survive! Awesome mini games that the whole family can play together

VR Box Shooter - free

VR iPhone Game

How long can you survive? Let's figure it out in this amazing VR survival shooter game. Need google card board or similar VR headset to play.

VR Flight Simulator with Google Cardboard - free

VR Flight Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly a plane? Well now you can find out with VR Flight Simulator! Experience the skies in a whole new level!

Zombie Roller VR - free

Zombie VR Game

Welcome to the fantastic world of zombie shooting Virtual Reality game get set with your Vr gear or cardboard to experience the new world.

Rogue Army Command 3D - free

VR shooter

Grab your gear and get ready for an adventurous, and deadly journey into the world of true to life virtual reality experience on mobile devices. Engage in an epic mission in a military desert base in complete VR immersion.

VR Futuristic Car Race - 1,99

VR Car Race

You ever wanted to be the fastest future jet spaceship racer. Well now you can!! It is an endless driving game with lots of twists and turns. And the best part of this game is that it is based on one of the best technology of this building area- Virtual Reality.

VR Maze 3D - free

VR Maze 3D

VR Maze 3D - Cookie Labyrinth is the best adventure / puzzle game in Virtual Reality. Enjoy this sweet environment in Virtual Reality and find Your way to solve the Maze!

VR Subway Super Train 2017 - 0,99

VR Train 2017

subway super train drive is a unique addition in the train games. Real racing metro train track in mountain and city area. Fast drive on the railway track is extreme fun for the crazy driver. Play this amazing game and enjoy the different multiple hill location and scenes.

VR Roof Runner Pro - free

VR Runner

You’re about to go step into a different world. Immerse yourself like you never have before and get the real thrill of being in a different reality. Your heart races, hands shake, and your eyes are wide open for an all new experience.

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