Homido V2 Hands-on Review

The Improved Homido VR

Roughtly 3 years after launching it's first VR headset, the Homido VR, Eccodis creates a set of Virtual Reality headsets for mobile VR experience that suit anyone's needs:

Eccodis, a French startup, was one of the first companies to produce VR headsets for smartphones. They have been, and still are, very succesfull with over 500.000 units sold since the launch of the first Homido VR headset in November 2014.

Homido V2

At the moment of writing I own all available Homido headsets. Actually I own two Homido V2 headsets. One that came from the first production batch and another that came, just last week, from the latest production batch. This last one has some small improvements that will be highlighted later on.

The Homido Grab and Homido V2 are two new headsets added to the already available Homido Mini and the obsolete Homido VR (V1).
These new headsets seem to share some parts like the lenses, the touch captive button and the mechanism that holds the smartphone. Both form a great addition to the mobile VR headset spectrum. They do not add anything new, but both are very good.

Eccodis Homido V2

Homido V2

The Homido V2 has a set of bi-convex 37mm high quality lenses which feel natural and give a very clear view. Although the Field of View isn't very wide, especially on a regular iPhone 6(S)/7 (4,7"), the immersion is good and the headset is suitable to use for longer periods of time.

The Google Cardboard V2 iOS compatible button is a good extra feature when compared to the original Homido VR headset. The button works like it should. It responds quite quick.
A know issue off many headsets V2 buttons is poor response or no response at all.

Two great features that the original headset already had and which were improved in this new headset are the focal length adjustment wheel and the IPD adjustment wheel. This headset can be used by almost everyone. The usage of prescription glasses is in most cases not possible but also not necessary thanks to these features. Another good thing about this headset is that the headset's lenses almost don't fog up. The nose gap is well positioned and prevents lens fog.

Homido V2 can be classified as a very comfortable headset. The facepad is comfortable and interchangeable. This Virtual Reality headset ships with a second facepad. To my knowledge it is not possible to order extra facepads at this moment.
The 3-way headstrap is decent and adjustable. It should fit anyone.
The front hatch is semi-transparent and has a magnet to open and close the hatch. The mechanism that holds the smartphone is simple but fast. Vertical centering of the smartphone is automatic, horizontal alignment should be done manually but is easy thanks to the arrow on the mechanismitself.


The Homido V2 is compatible with both 4,7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone models. So any iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or 7 plus can be inserted into this Homido.


The second batch of the Homido V2 has a few improvements worth mentioning:

  • Better working button
  • Higher quality facepad
  • Higher quality box
  • Red V2 logo on the side
  • QR-code inside the front hatch
  • Slightly better FOV

Batch two headset is the on with the red V2

Homido Virtual Reality

Batch 2 on the left, Batch one on the right

Pro's and Con's


  • Lens quality
  • Adjustable IPD and focal length
  • V2 iOS compatible button
  • High quality case


  • Price
  • Limited AR capability

Country of origin: France

Price: 69,99€

Website: Homido.com

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Is this compatible with Samsung S6 ACTIVE?

  2. Alton Rowell 24/01/2018 @ 03:57

    I just received my homido V2. It a pretty cool headset. I as a lot of pluses with very littel cons. As I have found in the world of vr u get what u pay for. Now if your willing to give up the best experience and are pinched for dollors the homido V2 is a good by. It is a little of both worlds. It’s a all around vr tool for carrying on a trip or a short day away from home. It’s carry case is a perfect complement to a economic priced setup .
    Well this is just one man’s openion. I spent a mounth research on vr head sets and weighting the goods and bads and cost in a person’s budget. So u could go bananas and fork out a 700.00 on a top of the line rig. But u got to have a mind boggling laptop or desk top to use it.
    But their u go ,u spend your life savings on something that is not going to be used that much.
    My main gripe is my phone screen qulity and prosser speed. As u all know the qulity of the phone plays a large part in vr enjoyment.
    I’m just going to stick with my homido v2 for now. The way technology is going there days the holographic glasses will be the best thing out their. 3600.00 is way to much for me.
    Good luck to u all.


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