Weekly VR Game Update (week 06-2017)

Mobile VR Games

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

Keep track of the latest iOS AppStore Virtual Reality releases!

This week we are introducing our VR-iPhone Game of the Week Award. We test the games and pick our favorite game.

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

Candy Hunter VR - free
Candy Hunter VR

Make a mess and find the candy cane at New Year office party! Requires FIBRUM or Google Cardboard HeadseMake a mess and find the candy cane at New Year office party! Requires FIBRUM or Google Cardboard Headset

Space Stalker VR - free

Space Stalker VR

Space Stalker VR is mobile virtual reality sci-fi shooter-adventure game with cutting-edge visuals and immersive gameplay. Navigate your ship, avoid and destroy various traps and enemies, hunt out mysterious artefacts, survive deadly chases using different weapons and tactics.

VR Rally - free
Fibrum VR Rally

(Bluetooth gamepad is required) Take a ride on cool VR cars. Overtake your competitiors and if not, bang them with rocket launcher. Collect boosters and cool guns for your VR cars and win the race. You need joystick and Fibrum virtual reality headset (cardboard or other VR glasses)

VR Archery - free

VR Version Archery? Sounds like a rising star, hope you will like it? VR Archery Master 3D delivers realistic archery experience that features stunning 3D graphics, amazing animations. Combined with VR technology, enjoy first person Archery game!

Trail World VR - free

Choose your trail in this beautiful open fantasy world! Experience amazing visuals, events and rides that bring out the best in mobile Virtual Reality - VR. Journey across beautiful landscapes to reach the town of secrets, can you uncover all of its mysteries?

VR Horror Pro - free

Horror VR is here! The scariest VR app in the world is now available on your device! Features the scariest videos / games every made! Download today and see if you can handle it!

VR iOS Game of the Week

Shoot the Cans VR - free
Fibrum Shoot the Cans VR

The game, which will become a drug for you! Exciting levels, unpredictable designs, incredible obstacles await you in Shoot the Cans! Find out how much you are accurate in a virtual reality. Great graphics and realistic physics will immerse you into the world of Shoot the Cans.

VR Cruise Boat Simulator - free

Drive a Bike, Car, Truck or bus is Certainly very fun but have you ever tried to drive a boat? With inherent inertia in waves of water, flow of water, These Things are much more complicated but particularly have great fun. Here comes a combination of boat riding and Visit of lake.

Aaargh VR - free

Funny game where you need to shout at your enemies through your microphone! Have fun with your friends or relax by yelling at the monsters in this simple and fun game for virtual reality!

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