VR Feel Real on Kickstarter

After a succesfull crowdfunding campaign in 2016 VR Entertainment launched another crowdfunding campaign.

The first VR Feel real product is already for sale on Amazon. Its a VR-headset for mobile phones (iOS and Android), a Bluetooth Steering Wheel and a free VR Game called VR Real Feel Racing.

With this kickstarter project VR Entertainment aims to create 4 new VR controllers, all suitable for children aswell.

  1. Alien Blaster
    VR Feel Real controller
  2. Moto X
    VR Feel Real Motocross iPhone
  3. Fishing
    VR Feel Real Fishing
  4. Baseball
    VR Feel Real Baseball


Each product includes a VR headset, a free to play app for both iOS and Android phones and a dedicated Bluetooth controller that's themed to the app.

At VR Entertainment, we knew there was an opportunity to combine mobile VR with great control, all at an affordable price of $29.99 MSRP. Our concept is different – we want millions of kids to enjoy their first taste of virtual reality, but at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

At the moment of writing, these products are only available in the United States. This crowdfunding project only ships to the US. The campaign has not achieved to get any pledges yet.

For this fall, VR Entertinment tries to add four new games to the VR Real Feel line up, each with their own dedicated Bluetooth controller, free to play iOS/Android app, and still priced at $29.99 MSRP.  The Kickstarter campaign will help them to pay for app development costs.

Crowdfunding campaign: Kickstarter.com

VR Feel Real for sale on Amazon

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