Weekly VR Game Update (week 18-2017)

New iOS VR Games May 2017

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

Keep track of the latest iOS AppStore Virtual Reality releases!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

VR Roller Coaster Temple Rider - free

VR Roller Coaster Temple Rider
Get the ultimate 360 VR Roller Coaster experience running through ancient temples! This roller coaster simulation can be experienced in full Virtual Reality (using Google Cardboard) or can be experienced using regular touch controls (no VR headset required).

VR Air Strike - free

The experience of simulation of airplanes and RV more exciting. VR Air Strike is a first person virtual reality arcade, designed for virtual reality glasses. Enjoy one of the most immersive experiences ever. A 360 degree VR war that you can play with your VR glasses.

VR Dangerous Zombie Shooter Survive War 2017 - 1,99

VR Zombie Shooter iPhone

VR Danger Zombies Shooting is FPS (First Person Shooting) and Virtual Reality based 3D game with full of Action and Thrill in beautiful and stunning Science Fiction Environment. A fabulous opportunity to test and enhance your shooting skills without performing any Realistic Violation.

No (external) controller nor touch screen access are needed to play this game.

VR Cargo Truck Driving Simulator - free

VR Cargo Truck Simulator

Now start enjoying the real heavy duty VR oil tanker truck transportation and experience the cargo oil truck driving to confronting the off road hilly areas.

Pocket 360 Virtual Reality

VR Bird Glide 2 - free

VR Bird Glide 2

VR Bird Glide 2 is a game that you can glide in the world of VR as a bird. Please attach a smartphone to the VR headset and play. If you turn your head, the birds will tilt in the same way.

Haunted Hospital VR - 0,99

Haunted Hospital VR

Haunted Hospital VR In this Immersive and very Frightening VR Cardboard Experience, you can Face your Fear and test your Limit, by putting yourself in a Very Uncomfortable, Scary, and Haunted Environment.

Ghost Hunter VR-AR - free (to try)

Augmented Reality iPhone

They are among us. Take your VR headset and dive into dark side of our world. Take a challenge in a battle with evil incarnate, fight with revengeful souls and sometimes you have a chance to win. Armored with mystical psycho-blaster and fight with otherwordly forces.

Augmented Reality shooter.
After 3 tries you have to buy for this game for 2,29. (In App purchase).

If you own a Occipital Bridge headset than use this headset with the Wide angle lens.

Zombie Apocalypse City Shooting VR - free

Zombie Apocalypse City Shooting VR

If you're a fan of VR device and want to experience something new .Then look so further we brought you the game you always wanted to play ,VR shooting and sniper games.

VR Roller Coaster: Real Ride Experience - 2,29

VR Roller Coaster iPhone

Sit back and buckle up for the ride of your life! Get ready to rock & roll for the amazing ride on virtual roller coaster with VR Roller Coaster: Real Ride Sensation! Experience the real sensation and fear of riding a roller-coaster with your mobile virtual reality headset.

Fibrum VR Roller Coaster Sunset - free

Ribrum VR Roller COaster

Take a ride on a roller coaster through an abandoned tropical island in the middle of a boundless ocean! Breathtaking take-offs, head-spinning bends and sweeping falls in the new attraction from Fibrum! Please look at the lever to start the virtual attraction. Requires VR glasses (headset)

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