Augmented Reality on iOS just exploded!

Augmented Reality iPhone

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are really merging with iOS devices this month as Apple and others are working hard to turn our smart phone into THE next Augmented Reality device.

Occipital Bridge

A few months ago Occipital launched the developers version of the Occipital Bridge, the first mobile (iPhone) integrated Mixed Reality device and Microsoft HoloLens competitor. This month the Bridge became available for all consumer and can be ordered on Occipitals website.Occipital Bridge Virtual Reality

Merge Cube

Short after Merge VR presented the Merge Cube, an Augmented Reality gadget for iOS and Android devices, opening new possibilities.

Merge VR today announced it has created a one-million-dollar Merge Developer Fund to support the AR/VR developer community building apps for the Merge platforms, including the award-winning Merge Cube.
Launched in 2015, the company’s VR Goggles are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices to experience VR apps, 360 video, 3D movies and more. The team is currently gearing up for the widespread launch of its newest product, the Merge Cube, that allows users to hold and interact with holograms. Merge first unveiled it at CES 2017 where it won the award for “Most Unique Product.”
Merge is openly inviting developers all over the world to join them in shaping the future of AR.
“We created the Merge Developer Fund to broaden our support of the dev community,” says Jeremy Kenisky, Merge VP of Creative. “The Merge Cube introduces an entirely new experience to the world, and the developer fund provides an awesome opportunity for devs to get creative and be ambitious.”Studios already participating in the Merge Developer Fund include React VRX, Draw & Code, Steelehouse Productions and Chicken Waffle.

Here is my first attempt to develop a Merge Cube Game:

ARkit iOS 11

And this week, al AR rumours were confirmed, as Apple presented its brand new developers kit 'ARkit' at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2017.
Augmented Reality features are integrated into the new iOS 11 providing developers with the Augmented Reality toolkit needed to create AR Apps and Games.
AR pioneers like  IKEA, Lego, and Niantic (Pokemon Go) are already integrating the ARkit into its content. Apple demonstrated an improved version of Pokemon Go.

On monday Federighi stated that ARKit will provide fast and stable motion tracking, plane estimation with basic boundaries, scale estimation, ambient lighting estimation and support for Game Engines Unity and Unreal as well as the iOS SceneKit and Xcode app templates. This will make iOS the largest AR platform in the world.

Apple did not just focus on AR. Finally Macs will be natively VR-compatible as Apple is working together with HTC and other VR companies.

Check the video below if you want to see the whole WWDC 2017 keynote from monday:

Aryzon AR

Aryzon Mixed Reality

A very succesfull Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign is already surpassing 3 times its original goal offering a AR headset for under 30$.

Having received almost 75.000$ pledge by AR fans around the world, the Aryzon could become the Augmented Reality version of the Google Cardboard.

By making clever use of a set of lenses, cardboard and a smart phone camera, the headset is able to place virtual content projected from the user’s smartphone screen within their own environment, this creates realistic augmented reality (AR).
Aryzon aims to introduce more people to augmented reality and boost its widespread use in everyday settings. The Aryzon is the only headset of its kind that offers this many possibilities at such a low-cost.
For most people, the current 3000 dollar Microsoft Hololens is not an affordable option. The augmented reality headset is shipped as a DIY kit, meaning that it fits right through your letterbox.

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