Moggles VR Hands-on Review

Last week Moggles VR, a Swedish company, launched their long-awaited product: Moggles VR.

Moggles started in the beginning of the year 2015 as a crowdfunding campaign and did not achieve its goal back then. After that the Moggles website stayed active and we almost did not hear anything from them untill now.

Last week we received an email saying that the headset is available on the web page's wesbshop. We ordered immediately and a few days later a Moggles VR arrived at our doorstep. Shipping was fast and because it ships from Sweden, no import taxes are covered here in Holland (or any other EU country).

Moggles VR is a foldable Virtual Reality headset which transforms into a case when folded.

Moggles is a medium quality headset. Its simple but nice design meets our wishes but it does not feel totally finished yet. The foampad, the material inside the cover and the poorly working click system to close the case still feel a bit like a prototype. Comfort is also not its strongest feature as the 2-way headstrap lets your nose carry part of the weight of the headset. Besides that, two important features are missing: a Google Cardboard V2 button and adjustable focal length.

Foams (facepads) are interchangeable which improved the durability of the headset. The headset comes with a 14mm thick foam and a 7mm thick foam. More foam pads will become available for sale on the website.

Moggles VR headset

Do I dislike Moggles VR? No, it works fine and its more portable than its direct competitors but it also lacks import features. I do not understand why it took so long to develop this headset and it does not really add anything to the crowded mobile VR-headset market as it is in 2017.

At the moment of writing Moggles is only sold through the Moggles VR official web page.


Moggles has 30mm lenses which have a reasonably good FOV and a clear view. The lenses are adjustable ,by rotating the wheel on top of the headset, to fit an IPD from 56mm to 72mm. Adjusting the focal length is not possible. This means the headset might not be suitable for people with deviating sight capabilities.



When considering to buy this headset also take a look at the Homido V2, Merge VR and the Freefly VR which can be bought with similar budget.


Moggles supports smartphones with a screen size between 4 and 6 inch. So this headset is compatible with iPhone models 6(s), 6 plus, 7 and 7 plus. The field of view, like in many other headsets, improves greatly when using a large iPhone model (plus).Moggles VR

Size: W160 x D98 x­ H50mm, weight 255 grams

Moggles VR iPone


Moggles VR, being kind of case itself, comes with a textile bag packed in its box (see picture below).
The box is made of good quality cardboard. Because Moggles VR is foldable the box is small. Similar to the box of a I Am Cardboard DSCVR.

The textile bag will protect your Moggles from scratching when not in use.

Moggles Virtual Reality

Pro´s and Con´s


  • Adjustable IPD
  • Portable
  • Lens quality
  • AR capable


  • Value for money
  • No V2 compatible button
  • 2-way strap
  • Positioning iPhone


Price: 69€

Country of origin: Sweden

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