X-mas VR sugestions

Virtual Reality Christmas

It's been very quiet on VR-iPhone this year. Not a single post. True. 2018 hasn't been the mobile VR year we thought it would be after the amazing high of 2016/2017.

Well, good news. We are back and I'd like to start with our Christmas present suggestions. Rather you have a nephew that likes gather or an brother or sisters that an early adapter. Let´s look through some nice VR gadgets that might just be the present you are looking for.

Affordable VR Fun

iPhone-AR-Merge Cube

Already own a VR headset or Google Cardboard?

Perhaps the Merge Cube is what you are looking for. 
A Augmented Reality enabling Cube that bring Virtual Reality into your hands. With about 30 compatible Games and Apps, the Merge Cube is a one of its kind toy for young and old. Check out the X-mas sale on Amazon

Merge also has a premium VR headset to go along with the Merge Cube. Read our review.

Merge VR Headset

Early adopters

If you have a friend or family members that really like new and unknown gadgets and you are willing to pay for that premium present: Structure Core might be what you are looking for. It's an improved Structure sensor. Connect it to your iPad or iPhone and you get a 3D scanner, depth sensor, AR and MR device.

Read our Structure Sensor - Bridge headset review

Just check the website or look at the video below and you'll realize what state of the art tech this is:

If you want one you'll have te be fast because there are only a few available for immediate shipping: Occipital website
More devices will ship Januari 2019 and beyond. 
Be prepared to pay 599$. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, consider the Structure Sensor for sale at Amazon

Premium VR headsets

Here is a list of other premium headsets and gadgets that are for sale on Amazon to be considered as great X-mas presents:

Freefly VR Beyond VR Headset

Freefly VR Beyond
Freefly VR review

Homido VR V2 VR Headset
Premium French headset with adjustable lenses. Read our hands-on review

Megadream iOS Game Controller
MFi supported iOS game controller

Official Google Cardboard
No need for further explanation. If this doesn't ring a bell. Then turn your iPhone into a VR headset with this piece of cardboard.

Occipital Bridge headset

Occipital Bridge

Want more, check out our extensive VR Headset database

Best Virtual Reality Headsets

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