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New VR headsets, or HMD (head mounted displays), for mobile phones are being created every day.

VR-iPhone.com Reviews Virtual Reality glasses, games and accessories for you Smartphone and Apple iPhone. From the humble Google Cardboard till the Zeiss VR One and Homido VR. Virtual Reality for iOS devices come in all forms.

The Oculus Rift started the era of Virtual Reality which is about to start. Where the Oculus Rift, HTC Valve, Playstation VR and the Microsoft Hololens are preparing ro dominate the PC driven Virtual Reality market, there are many VR devices especially design for smartphones to bring mobile Virtual Reality to your pocket. Devices like Gear VR, Viewmaster. Zeiss VR One, Merge goggles, Figment VR, Freefly VR and I Am Cardboard are already for sale in the big online retail stores like Amazon.

Google has proven that thanks to the technology inside mobile phone nowadays, a simple set of lenses and a folded piece of cardboard you can immerse yourself into Virtual Reality and watch 3D movies, VR games and Apps.

Apple hasn’t jumped into the VR thing quite yet. But luckily VR-headset enthusiasts, App developers and small and big companies have started creating VR-headsets that work with iPhones.
There are rumors Apple is busy on the background and it looks like Apple is looking to hire a VR specialist and has a few patents on VR stuff. But then again, Apple has patents on everything…

2016 will be the year of Virtual Reality

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