iOS Port-service port-service now provides indie developers an oportunity to port Android Virtual Reality games to the Apple iOS AppStore. iOS port service

There are many VR Games and VR Apps that are only available on Android devices. For several reasons developers choose not to release their VR game to the AppStore.

What do we do?

  • port a Unity Android project to iOS
  • publish the project to the iOS AppStore
  • promote the project on We have between 100.000 and 200.000 visitors every month!

Are there costs?
Together with you we decide the right price for the iOS AppStore and we share 50% of the profit Apple pay's out every month with you.
We hope this covers the costs of the Apple developer account, the expensive but necessary Apple hardware and the time invested. For you it is extra profit without any extra effort.
Our main goal is to give iPhone users the same great content Android users already have.
Our first Android to iOS port is already in the iTunes AppStore:

Please feel free to contact us and ask anything.

Are you interested in porting your indie VR Game to iOS or do you have a Android VR Game you would liked to see in the Apple AppStore: Please contact us.
We hope to port as many good quality Virtual Reality Games to the iOS AppStore as possible!

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