Flip 360 VR

Flip 360 VR

A iPhone sleeve, a Stand up and VR headset

Available for the iPhone 6(S) models and for the larger iPhone 6(S) Plus models

VR Headset Description

A Virtual reality smartphone case for iPhone 6 plus/6s plus that protects your iPhone and can also be used as a VR headset and as a Stand up.
The lens panel doubles as a phone stand in both portrait and landscape orientation.

This portable mobile VR headset has 30mm Acrylic Biconvex lenses for clear view of the action.

Flip 360 VR

Works With Google Cardboard WWGC

IF you are searching for a Mobile VR case also consider the Figment VR, Smart VR and the Cat VR Case

Product Features

For Sale yes
Compatible 6 6+ 6s 6s+
Lens diameter 25mm (iPhone 6) and 30mm (iPhone 6+) mm
IPD adjustable no
Lens adjustable no
Controller no
Cardboard v2 button yes, screen access
Head-strap no
Case yes
Price US 29,99 $
Official website ImCardboard.com
Country United States
AR capable yes
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